We, the members of the Freewill Baptist Church, in order to form a more perfect union and pro- mote Christ's kingdom do ordain and establish this Constitution for the John-Thomas Yearly Meeting.


Article 1. This Yearly Meeting shall be called the John-Thomas Meeting, and shall be composed of such regularly ordained and well disciplined Freewill Baptist Quarterly Meetings, conveniently located, as may embody themselves under the Constitution.


Article 2. The Conference of this Yearly Meeting shall be composed of ministers and delegates who are members of the Quarterly Meetings, each Quarterly Meeting being entitled to three delegates from each church.


Article 3. The officers of this Yearly Meeting shall be a clerk, treasurer and moderator, and shall be chosen at every session of the Yearly Meeting, with such assistants as may be found necessary.


Article 4. Any well-organized and well-regulated Freewill Baptist Quarterly Meeting, composed of such churches as conform to the usages and adopt the doctrines of the Freewill Baptist denomination, as published in the minutes of the John-Thomas Yearly Meeting, and are in favor of the benevolent enterprises of the denomination, may at the time, on application, by vote of the Yearly Meeting, become a member thereof.


Article 5. This Yearly Meeting shall have the power to discipline the Quarterly Meetings of which it is composed, and to exclude them for disorderly work if their labor proves unsuccessful.


Article 6. Each session of this Yearly Meeting shall convene on Friday before the second Sunday in September at 11:00 a.m. (Pastor of the host Church will preach at the 11 AM service), at which time it shall be the duty of the Quarterly Meetings of which the Yearly Meeting is composed to represent themselves by delegates, and report their standing, prospects and statistics by letter; at which time, the Yearly Meeting shall act on such questions and topics as may be referred to it by its respective Quarterly Meetings, and transact such other business not repugnant to this Constitution, nor the usages of the denominations, as in its judgment may promote the cause of Christ and the interest of the churches and Quarterly Meetings within the limits of the Yearly Meetings.


Article 7. The Yearly Meeting shall have the power to adopt any regulation or by-law not inconsistent with the Constitution which may be deemed essential to the further regulations of the sessions.


Article 8. This Conference shall not recognize any minister or delegate unless they comply with the constitution and by-laws thereof.


Article 9. Each Quarterly Conference shall send to the Yearly Meeting $3.00 for each minute book ordered, and Fifty cents per members annually from each Quarterly Conference this money will be used for expense of the Yearly Meeting.


Article 10. The Constitution may be altered or amended by a vote of four-fifths of the ministers and delegates present at any session, if notice of such intended alterations was given and recorded at the last session.