Any person who gives evidence of a change of heart, professes faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and has been immersed by a proper administrator, church covenant read, explained and accepted, is received into membership by a vote of the church. After members accept the Bible as their rule of faith and practice, then the right hand of fellowship shall be given, which is the door to the church.

From other churches immersed persons are received by letter. No one against whom any valid objection is made is received to membership. When any member objects to the reception of the applicant, the matter is deferred until the church can ascertain the nature of the objection. If in the opinion of the church, the objection is not a valid one, the applicant may be received. Excluded members are received again only when they confess their errors and give evidence of repentance. Persons excluded from other churches are not received; unless it is made evident they excluded upon unjustifiable grounds. The right hand of fellowship is extended to all who are to the membership of the church received.

The John-Thomas Association of Freewill Baptists or any conference or Church belong ng to the Association will not accept into its membership any known Homosexual.


Only members in good standing are dismissed from the church and this for no other reason than to unite with some other church. Such members are granted letters of honorable dismission and commendation, (to be mailed from the church which granted the letter to the receiving church) but are under the watch care of the same church until they are received into another church. A withdrawal without such letter recommendation is equivalent to excommunication, and treated as such by the church.