The officers of a church are a Board of Trustees, Clerk, Treasurer, Deacons and Deaconess', Finance Committee and Pastor.


Board of Trustees- The duty of the Trustees shall be to hold title to all property, either in fee or gift, and to maintain all rights to the same, to convey said property in the discretion of a four-fifths majority of those present at a regular business meeting, being announced at said church three months prior to said meeting.


Clerk- It is the duty if the Clerk to keep a church book and in it record the church covenant, the names of the members, and all the proceedings of the church in the exercise of its doctrine and management temporal affairs. The clerk also signs all the letters and other communications made by the authority of the church.


Treasurer- The Treasurer shall be entrusted with the funds of the church, and it shall be the duty of the treasurer to keep a regular account of all monies received, and from whom and make a report of the same annually to the church or more often if necessary, which funds shall be drawn on the treasury only by the order of the church.


Deacons- The Deacons are elected for life or during good behavior. They should be men distinguished among their brethren for piety and benevolence. Before entering upon the duties of their office, they are ordained by the pastor or other regular minister, ordination consisting of the charge, laying on of hands and prayer. It is their duty to serve at the Lord's Table, to distribute the bounty of the church among its needy members, to visit the sick, to assist the pastor in promoting attendance upon the church, and to conduct religious meetings in the absence of the pastor. A church belonging to the John-Thomas Association of Freewill Baptists will not:

Ordain any woman as a deacon.

Ordain any known homosexual as a deacon.


Deaconess- They assist the deacons and finance committee, in visiting the sick, in collecting funds and distributing among the needy members, and enforcing proper discipline among the female members.


Finance Committee- These have the general management of the finances of the church, subject to the church's control.


Pastor- Each church elects its own pastor out of the regular ordained ministers upon such terms as may be agreed upon between the parties themselves. It is the pastors duty to faithfully preach the Word, to have the general superintendent of the church; to be himself an example to the flock, to visit the members, especially the sick, as he has the opportunity, and to do all within his power to promote the religious interest of the church which he serves and to advance the cause of Christ among men.

Before a minister can pastor a church in the John-Thomas Association, he must belong to the Association.