1. There shall be a Minister's Conference held annually in connection with the Yearly Meeting.


2. The object of the Ministerial Conference is to discuss points of doctrine and examine the Christian character of the ministers.


3. All ministers in the John-Thomas Yearly Meeting are required to attach themselves to the Minister's Conference and must be governed by the rules and regulations of the Ministers Conference.


4. All ministers belonging to the Conference are required to report themselves to the Conference annually, either in person or by letter or both or by letter, or both.


5. Any minister failing to report for a period of one year, either in person or by letter, or both, shall automatically exclude himself from the Conference.


6. All ministers moving to another Quarterly Meeting shall be granted a letter of dismission and recommendation so that they may properly unite themselves to the Quarterly Meeting where they move. (See Dismission of members section) Since ministers are members, same rule applies.


7. All Freewill Baptists using our church houses must hold a card of good standing with their conference or otherwise be in good standing with their Freewill Baptist Conference of:

a. That Pastors, Deacons and Trustees must approve all appoinTments of non-Freewill Baptist Ministers.

b. All funeral services are to be exempt from these resolutions.

c. All church clerks are to be notified of these resolutions.

8. Our older Ministers, who would be approved by an appointed committee are to be issued good standing cards for life.