1. No conference shall be held with less than three Ordained Ministers and four Delegates belonging to the yearly meeting.


2. At the opening of each conference, the clerk’s books shall be presented and the proceeding of the last conference read.


3. This conference may at each regular meeting elect as many boards or standing committees as may be necessary in carrying out its benevolent purposes. These shall keep a record of their proceedings and make a report at each Quarterly Meeting of the conference.


4. The conference may extend to visiting brethren all the privileges of the body save that of voting.


5. If any member, in the judgment of the conference, shall show anger in his discussion on any subject, he shall forfeit seat in that conference.


6. No member of the general conference shall be at liberty to withdraw without leave of the Moderator.


7. The conference shall always adjourn by vote.


8. There shall annually be a committee of finance chosen to settle with the treasurer and report to the conference.


9. Conference shall always open and adjourn by prayer and praise of God.


10. Any motion must be made by one member, seconded by another and afterwards stated by the Moderator, before it is debated. A motion shall be reduced to writing by the move or at the demand of any one member.


11. All resolutions shall be submitted in writing.


12. A motion or resolution may be withdrawn at any time before a decision or a by the conference.


13. Any motion or resolution containing more than one distinct proposition shall be divided, provided the call for a decision be sustained by the majority.


14. When a member speaks or offers a motion he should rise and respectfully address the Moderator, confine himself to the question under consideration, avoid all personalities or unkind or disrespectful language.


15. When two or more members rise to speak at the same time, the Moderator shall decide who is entitled to the floor.


16. When a member is speaking no one shall interrupt him except to call him to order, ask to leave to explain or to make explanation. The one allowed to explain shall confine himself strictly to an actual misunderstanding or language which may need explanation.


17. No member shall speak more than twice or longer than five minutes at each on any question without leave of the Moderator, which leave shall be granted without debate.


18. All committees shall be named by the Moderator, by request of the conference.


19. The member first named on a committee shall be its chairman to call the committee together, but after it is convened the committee may elect its own chairman and secretary.


20. Voting shall be done by standing when a vote is close, or when it becomes necessary to count the affirmative and negative and in special cases by ballot.


21. The Moderator, in case of a tie, may cast the deciding vote.


22. All members should vote on one side or the other, unless excused by the Moderator.


23. No motion, discussion, or other business shall be admitted while the vote is being taken.

24. The minutes of the conference shall be signed by the moderator and the clerk.

25. Each Quarterly Meeting shall ask its respective churches to deal with its members when necessary, according to Matthew 18: 15, 17.

26. If a minority of a Quarterly Meeting be grieved over the ruling of the majority, they have right to appeal to the Yearly Meeting, and its decision shall be final.

27. No minister shall have vote in the conference unless he is a member in good standing with his church and conference.

28. Any Freewill Baptist Church belonging to the John-Thomas Association that reports to the Quarterly Conference three consecutive conferences without a pastor will be automatically dropped from the conference.